Portable charger 



The phone at this stage of our lives has ceased to be a kind of communication around the clock, it is a whole life in a device. A lot of trouble causes the battery to sit down in the most inappropriate moments. To avoid this, the charging state must always be full. So you need a device that maintains the state of charge regardless of where it was located. Since a person is not always in the vicinity of the socket and can carry a charging adapter, a  portable charger.

It is important to prefer only high quality devices. Why is this a key question? Because cheap materials in budget models can damage the phone battery itself. When the manufacturer uses high quality materials, dies and chips, some problems simply disappear. The efficiency of overheating of battery and processor is ensured by devices made of inferior materials. This can be avoided by wireless loading of Okirobo.

The okiribo Portable Charger Wireless Charger supports up to 15W fast wireless charging. This means that you can charge your Apple or Android device for 30 minutes from 0% to 50%. This is one of the fastest wireless powerbanks in the world.

Created in the 19th century, it made it possible to introduce electrochemical atoms of matter into the crystal lattice of another. In lithium-ion accumulators, the ion migrates back from the positive to the negative electrode during the charging process and when the load is switched on. Initially such devices appeared due to the guilt of Sony in the 90s of the XX century and were called rocking chair. This was a prerequisite for creating mobile devices.At simultaneously, this device has several sockets with which multiple devices can be charged simultaneously. Such a device is not only ideal for your phone, but also just necessary to constantly maintain the level of charge. It is compatible even with some laptops, such as the Macbook, even the latest models.